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Indoor Plants and Interior Plantscapes from Plantasia Design

Indoor Office Plants

A Matter of Distinction

As distinctive as your business, our indoor office plants, containers and arrangements are an easy way to add elegance to the interior of your building. We use top-quality plants from reputable growers, locally grown across RI and MA when available. Each plant is individually selected for your location. Whether it’s a hotel lobby or an executive suite, our designs are custom created to exceed your expectations.

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Photo - A Healthier Work Environment

Indoor Office Plants Create A Healthier Work Environment

Research shows that “…where indoor plants have been installed; staff well-being is improved with sick-leave absences reduced by over 60%.” (Fjeld 2002; Bergs 2002). In 2007, Dr. Oz the celebrated cardiologist, author and TV personality recommended the use of interior plants, specifically, philodendrons, golden pothos and spider plants for their toxin-filtering capabilities. The facts are in; plants create a healthier indoor environment.

Leasing options are available. For a distinctive look and a healthier indoor work environment, let Plantasia Design bring the art of nature into your everyday living space.

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Photo - Rotating Plant Programs

Flowering Plant Programs

Our custom Rotating Plant Programs are designed to create a fresh look at your restaurant, office, hotel or home. Every 2-8 weeks, we’ll change your plants to reflect the color of the season. We offer a large variety of both flowering and non-flowering plants and a wide array of containers to match your decor. MORE>>

Living Walls from Plantasia Design

Living Walls and Vertical Gardens

Living walls or vertical gardens, as their name implies, are walls made up of plants and plantings on a vertical plane. These pieces make for a beautiful, eyecatching showpiece in any office foyer or common space, but they can also work to improve air quality and conserve energy (heat in summer and cool in summer). MORE>>


•  Entryways / Foyers
•  Atriums
•  Lobby Areas
•  Reception Area

•  Common Areas
•  Conference Rooms
•  Office Space
•  Management Offices

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