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Holiday Decorating with Plants from Plantasia Interiors

Holiday Designs

Celebrate the Spirit
of the Season

Holiday office plant displays are a wonderful way to bring cheer into everyone’s day. Festive Wreaths, poinsettias, trees, lights and menorahs are just a few ways Plantasia Interiors can bring holiday traditions to life inside the atrium, foyer and public spaces within your office.

Holiday Plant Themes from Plantasia Interiors

Choose Your Theme

Plantasia Interiors offers a vast array of Holiday themes with colors and accents to enhance any lobby, office or holiday event. These themes are available through a plant rental program or purchased outright. With plant rental options, there’s a reduced upfront cost and no need to worry about storage. Plantasia Interiors takes care of it all. Whether it’s a 25 foot holiday tree or single pointsettia arrangement, Plantasia is able to work within your budget. Download Plantasia's 2015 Holiday Themes PDF >>>

Celebration Theme from Plantasia Interiors

Celebration Theme

Baroque Theme from Plantasia Interiors

Baroque Theme

Red Glitz THeme from Plantasia Interiors

Red Glitz Theme

pencil Tree Winter Glitz Tree from Plantasia Interiors

Pencil Tree Winter Glitz Tree

Baroque Tree from Plantasia Interiors

Baroque Tree

Baroque Chartreuse Wreath from Plantasia Interiors

Baroque Chartreuse Wreath

Candyland Wreath from Plantasia Interiors

Candyland Wreath

Celebration Wreath from Plantasia Interiors

Celebration Wreath

Winter Blizzard Wreath from Plantasia Interiors

Winter Blizzard Wreath

Baroque Red from Plantasia Interiors

Baroque Red

Black Tie from Plantasia Interiors

Black Tie

calypso from Plantasia Interiors


Celebration from Plantasia Interiors


Winter Glitz Blue from Plantasia Interiors

Winter Glitz Blue

Winter Glitz Red from Plantasia Interiors

Winter Glitz Red

Della Robbia from Plantasia Interiors

Della Robbia

Metallics from Plantasia Interiors


Table Top Arrangements from Plantasia Interiors

Table Top Arrangements

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Expert Plant Design & Installation

•  Traditional to Modern
•  Subtle to Award-Winning
•  Wide Variety of Holiday Vignettes
•  On-time Installation and Removal

Visit the
Holiday Portfolio
for more
project photos >>>

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